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1 Alexander Harold [Edit]Military
United KingdomField Marshal.Governer of Canada after the war.
Source for the bombing of the convent at Monte Casino. After a repeated request of General Freyberg he ordered bombers to drop bombs on the convent, while no single shot was fired from this convent.
2 Bothe Herta [Edit]Collaborator
Teterow MecklenburgGermanyWardressSentenced to 10 years but released after 6 years

At the young age of 21, Herta Bothe began her training as a concentration camp wardress in Sept. of 1942 at the Ravensbruck concentration camp, (a camp specifically designed for women), located in northern Germany. She would undergo 4 weeks of training for what was considered to be a simple job of overseeing prisoners of the Reich. After her training at Ravensbruck camp, she was then transferred to the Stutthof concentration camp which was located at the Poland / East Prussian border. She remained on duty at Stutthof until 1944, and then was briefly assigned to guard duty at a sub-camp of Stutthof, known as "Bromberg - Ost". Eventually the well seasoned female wardress would end up being transferred to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, between Feb. 20-26 of 1945 to carry out her final duties just before the camps liberation on April 15th,1945.

3 King Ernest [Edit]Military
23 Nov 1878
26 Jun 1956
United StatesAdmiral.Died on June 25th 1956.
Source commander of the Allied fleet in the Mediteranean, which played an important role in the support of the invasion forces.
4 Bernhard (nl) [Edit]Royalty
29 Jun 1911
1 Dec 2004
JenaGermanySecretary to the boardAwarded the Militaire Willemsorde
Source Wilhelmina appointed him to lieutenant-general and vice-admiral and in 1944 he was appointed to commander of the Dutch Armed Forces . In September 1945 he was dismissed from these commissions and appointed to Inspector-General of the Royal Army.
5 Adenauer Konrad (de) [Edit]Politician
5 Jan 1876
19 Apr 1967
KeulenGermanyMajor of Cologne.Chancelor of Germany in 1949.
Source of Cologne and was arrested because of his anti nazi sympathies. He removed the naziflags from Cologne and refused to meet Hitler. He was reinstated as Major by the Americans after the war but removed from office by the English for incompetence. He became Chancelor of Germany in 1949.
6 George VI [Edit]Royalty
14 Dec 1895
6 Feb 1952
United KingdomKing of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.He died on 6 February 1952, Sandringham, Norfolk, England.
Source Britain declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939. George visited troops, munitions factories, supply docks and bomb-damaged areas to support the war effort. As the Nazi's bombed London, the royal family remained at Buckingham Palace; George went so far as to practice firing his revolver, vowing that he would defend Buckingham to the death. The actions of the King and Queen during the war years greatly added to the prestige of the monarchy.
7 Amery Leopold [Edit]Politician
22 Nov 1873
16 Sep 1955
GorakhpurindiaSecretary of State for India and Burma.Lost the elections of '45 and thus lost his seat.
Source member of the Conservative Party, in 1911 Amery was elected to represent Sparkbrook, Birmingham, in the House of Commons. In the government headed by David Lloyd George, he served as under-secretary of state for the colonies (1919-21). This was followed by the post of First Lord of the Admiralty (1922-24) and then colonial secretary (1924-29). After Churchill became Prime Minister Amery was appointed Secretary of State for India and Burma. He set up a committee to advise Churchill on strategy's to fight the Japanese in India.
8 Farouk I [Edit]Royalty
EgyptKing of Egypt.After the coup of 1952 he went in exile in Italy.
Source was pro Axis but bound by a treaty to Great Britain. He believed that the Axis powers would give Egypt her independence and he followed a policy of being nominally pro-British but retained a pro-Nazi Cabinet. When the Axis powers were on the brink of defeat Egypt declared war on Germany and Italy.
9 Cassutto Ernest [Edit]Victim
1 Dec 1919
Mar 1985
IndonesiaStudent.Survived the war.

The Jewish Cassutto went into hidding untill March 1944, was caught and forced to work for the Nazi's in the Rotterdam area. He was able to escape with the help of a friendly guard and the resistance, two days before the German's retreated.

10 Bem Esther [Edit]Victim
YugoslaviaSurvived the war in Italy
She fled with her parents to a little village in Italy where she found refuge with farmers. On the advice of the local priest she told the authoritues they were Italian and resisted the hours of questioning by the SS. The identity they told the SS was noted in the records and they became the Taminos family.
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